Envirosearch Limited was founded by Glen Pearce in 1978 as an environmental engineering consulting firm. By the late 1990s, Glen realized there was a void in Ontario for a niche market that provided engineering and operations support to smaller water and wastewater treatment systems. Plans were well underway to create such a company when the Walkerton Water Crisis occurred in May 2000, creating an immediate necessity for services. The strategic business plans were fast-tracked, and it was full steam ahead in establishing Envirosearch Operations Inc. (EOI). Since its formation in 2001, EOI has provided expert management and operational services to industrial, commercial, institutional, public, and private sector clients across Ontario for more than twenty years.

Our corporate vision is that we work towards a greener tomorrow, one community at a time, one client at a time. Our seven core values are safety, leadership, professional excellence, customer-centred, creativity & innovation, partnering with the environment, and giving back. Our new EOI branding has been designed to reflect this direction.

Since our founding in 1978, we have held a consistent and static branding. However, EOI has grown and evolved, and our original logo, no longer fully reflects all that we are today. We are more defined, bold, and innovative, yet stay true in honoring our roots.

The slanted ‘e’ in our new logo pays homage to the historical Envirosearch logo founded in 1978. The ‘e’ is encircled by a water drop as the centre focus of our services and product offerings. The brand’s primary color is Clear Path Blue, to communicate professionalism, reliability, and refers to clean water. Complementing the Clear Path Blue, we have incorporated a set of secondary colours that each echo the water cycle in nature, appropriately named Nature’s Cycle Green, Ground Black River, Precipitation Blue, and Cloud White, referring to the green in the environment, the depths of lakes stored underground, the shades of the sky, and the crisp, white clouds on a beautiful day.

Together, we are working towards a greener tomorrow, one community at a time, one client at a time.